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GREETINGS, Fellow Adventurers!
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Echoes of the Broken Chapter 3 1/2: Recreation
The following morning
    Scarlet woke up at her house with the worst headache imaginable. She had been out late drinking yet again, and she began to rummage through her shelf for a potion to relieve her migraine. The night before, Scarlet had promised to Garith that she would visit Sofie before they were deployed. So she put on a simple brown tunic, a pair olive green trousers and her boots before heading out. She decided to head to the marketplace before going to Garith’s house.  
At the marketplace, Scarlet looked through the various stalls for a suitable gift for Sofie. A stuffed doll? Or perhaps some sweet treat? She spent the next several minutes browsing until she found the perfect gift for Sofie. Having paid the stall owner, she proceeded to Garith’s house with her gift.  
    Windhelm always seemed strangely calm before a battle. Soldiers from various battalions: Stormfist, Iron-Hammer, Round-Shield to name a few, were all conve
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Echoes of the Broken Chapter 2: Revelation
The Morning After
    Areum got little rest that night. He was too fixated on what Scarlet had said to him, about the blood, the callous disregard for the lives of your enemies. The overall lack of mercy. He had only gotten a few hours of sleep before Gaelan woke him up.  
“Wake up Areum, big day ahead. Eat a hearty breakfast, then meet me and the rest of the squad at the training yard outside Windhelm. Feel free to what  food I have.” Gaelan said before he put on his cape and headed out.  
    Areum poked around Gaelan’s kitchen and helped himself to mutton, bread and a chalice of watered down wine. He had finished eating and cleaned up after himself, before putting on his boots and heading out. He found himself at the training yard where his squad was located. Jon was seated, re-stringing his bow. There was Garith and Gaelan talking over a map, discussing tactics. Herenor was taking swings at a training dummy, while Scarlet
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Echoes of the Broken Chapter 1: Initiation
One year before the events of A Skyrim Tale
"State your name for the record."
"Gaelan Aradur. Vivec City, Morrowind" replied a young adult Dunmer male to the Nord who was filling out paperwork at a Stormcloak recruitment center
"You're far away from home, Dark Elf. What brings you to Skyrim, and more importantly, to fight for the Stormcloaks? Thought all your kind cozied up to the Thalmor."
    This claim struck a nerve with Gaelan, and his mind was barraged with flashbacks. The fire, the blood, the bodies of his friends, family and agents of the Aldmeri Dominion strewn across the ash roads of Vivec. His blood boiled, teeth clenched and fists were at rage. But this Nord wasn't his enemy. No, he needed to join the Stormcloaks despite their opinion of his people, and of the other Elves. They hated the Thalmor as much as he did, and that was good enough for Gaelan. Calming down, Gaelan answered his recruiter's question.
"The Thalmor killed my friends, my family and they d
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Grass grows, birds fly, Sun shines and Brutha? I draw things. Here's some of my stuff. Mostly drawings, but there's a fanfic or two in there... Somewhere.


Michaaael by dragontransformation Michaaael :icondragontransformation:dragontransformation 3 0 Teenage Poet: Profile  by Javott Teenage Poet: Profile :iconjavott:Javott 23 6 The Legendary White Xbox One by BenPlus The Legendary White Xbox One :iconbenplus:BenPlus 21 7 We're At War! by BenPlus We're At War! :iconbenplus:BenPlus 15 2 minecraft scenarios by BenPlus minecraft scenarios :iconbenplus:BenPlus 34 6 VT - Vahl Aradur by BenPlus VT - Vahl Aradur :iconbenplus:BenPlus 45 11 Broken (Patreon) by ClaraDerps Broken (Patreon) :iconclaraderps:ClaraDerps 10 1 Ear Hat (Print) by ClaraDerps Ear Hat (Print) :iconclaraderps:ClaraDerps 15 2 Ciri wallpaper by Scratcherpen Ciri wallpaper :iconscratcherpen:Scratcherpen 281 9 Kirishima Touka by ValariaRain Kirishima Touka :iconvalariarain:ValariaRain 14 2 KING BENBENBEN by BenPlus KING BENBENBEN :iconbenplus:BenPlus 13 3 Mara Sov by ReBaka-Chan Mara Sov :iconrebaka-chan:ReBaka-Chan 24 5
Vahl's Skyrim Follower Dialogue
Vahl's Skyrim Follower Dialogue.
Gameplay Dialogue.
Wandering Skyrim.
- Coming out of Candlehearth Hall with her for the first time.
Ah Windhelm! It's good to see you again, look at you all dark, muggy, snowy and stinky. You certainly haven't changed a bit.
- Wandering around Windhelm (Normal).
Does anyone shovel up the snow here?! I almost tripped! I oughta have a word with the janitor department because this is atrocious!
- Inside Hjerm (The purchasable House in Windhelm).
This place is such a dump! Can't believe I used to live here! You really ought to clean it up!
But ah... So many memories... Stop Crying! Stop it Jordan!
- Inside The Palace of Kings.
Tables... Why must you tempt me so?
- Wandering around Eastmarch.
The only thing I liked about Eastmarch is that it was far from the Thalmor's Influence. It's way too cold here for a Dark Elf like me!
- When coming across a cave.
Oh That's a cave... I hope they're aren't any Nopes in there...
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For ClaraDerps by ReBaka-Chan For ClaraDerps :iconrebaka-chan:ReBaka-Chan 30 5 VenturianTale. (with speedpaint) by ReBaka-Chan VenturianTale. (with speedpaint) :iconrebaka-chan:ReBaka-Chan 44 16 Birthday Present: Circular Gallifreyan by ClaraDerps Birthday Present: Circular Gallifreyan :iconclaraderps:ClaraDerps 10 11
Whether it's Naruto or Pacific Rim, Video game-related or VenturianTale-related or anywhere in between. If it's here I like it, if it's not I probably haven't gotten around to it yet.


Hey Guys. I've got some good news

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 3, 2015, 9:11 PM

Remember that little Dunmer from a year ago? I believe her name is Vahl. Yes... That's her name. Jordan and I have been collaborating and I would like to bring back someone we thought long gone for one final adventure in the world of Skyrim.  You can now have our favorite little Dragonborn as a companion of your own! All the details are on the mod page that I will link. I had a fun time working on her and testing her, and I hope you have a fun time playing Skyrim with Vahl by your side every step of the way. She's not Jordan's anymore and she's not mine anymore. She's yours now. The fans who watched the LP faithfully as can be. Whether you joined up later in the series or you were there from the very beginning, this is a gift from Jordan and I to you.

Take care of her. Here and from now on.


Be sure to check Vahl's inventory for a note from her. I'm sure you won't regret it haha

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Hey Michael here! I mostly just draw what captures my attentions as of late and what not. I'm just here to practice drawing and get critiques for it, but that hasn't been going over so well haha. Oh and on a side note, please don't confuse my lack of thanking for watches and favorites as unappreciation. I simply can't thank you all, but know that I am grateful for your favorite or watch. I'll try to reply to comments if I can, but please, don't get offended if I don't. Laziness and such, you know what I'm talking about haha.

Haha, that's all there is to it.

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